Why Influencers Won’t Stop Partying Anytime Soon

In late July, dozens of social media stars flocked to the Hype House, a Hollywood Hills mansion where several top TikTok creators live, for a birthday party. The décor was glittery and pink, with balloons and silver streamers strewn about. Hello Kitty strobe lights pulsed over a crowded dance floor.

The scene, as portrayed on social media, had an air of pre-pandemic normalcy. In several videos from the party, no one is wearing a mask.

Thomas Petrou, a founder of the Hype House, told The Hollywood Fix that between 60 and 70 guests attended the party, held on July 21 for one of the house’s residents, Larri Merritt, but hundreds more crowded together outside, hoping to get in. Those who made it past the door were a who’s who of the internet: Emma Chamberlain, James Charles, Tana Mongeau, Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, Nikita Dragun, the Sway boys.

Mr. Petrou, 21, said that for creators, such events aren’t just fun — they’re work. “Our jobs are to entertain people,” he said in a phone interview this week. “We live with groups of people, and we are all intertwined for work. We can’t put our entire lives on hold