It’s Time to Find Your Sense of Self

Having a strong sense of self provides us with emotional fortitude and personal empowerment. Life is better when we experience life as sovereign beings. Having a sense of self allows us to navigate the world with confidence and autonomy.

What if we have yet to find our true self? Can we gain a sense of self while surrounded by global turbulence? Can we find our center and take charge of our spiritual journey when the world is spinning?

Many of us are feeling anxiety, despair, and hopelessness because we are energetically connected to each other and to the world. Our collective consciousness is reflecting our fears, attitudes, opinions, and disbelief. As the stress builds, our collective consciousness responds in kind. We find ourselves trapped in a pattern that is very difficult to escape and we can find ourselves in a tailspin. We have our independent tailspin and we are part of the collective tailspin. This is where many of us find ourselves now.

A Place Between Worlds

There is good news, however. We are at a place now between worlds, between eras where the next Golden Age awaits us. We each have an opportunity to heal our pain and