Working Hard or Hardly Working? Working from Home and Boundaries in 2020

Unprecedented does not begin to describe the times we are currently living in. Working from home has become the norm for many Americans across the U.S. Though there are many benefits, including staying safe from COVID-19, working from home also presents its challenges and may be more complex than we once thought.

You may find yourself either working nonstop or not being as productive as you were in the office. Skipping lunch or having a hard time finding the motivation to work and not lounge around. It’s okay to feel this way. No one could have predicted this abrupt shift in our lives. But, there is a way to work from home and be productive, while not letting work consume our day with no time to recharge. Allow yourself to recognize overcoming a pandemic is not something we should be prepared to do. Many people are experiencing the same struggles, you are not alone.

Tips for a successful work-home environment:

Set a Schedule

Working from home should not mean working when you “can.” Set an alarm for waking up and give yourself enough time to get ready, have breakfast, and settle into your work space. While the commute time may