Runners’ Post-Pandemic Dreams – The New York Times

This was a different and difficult year for running, with the Olympics delayed, major marathons and races canceled, and even group runs largely off the table.We asked readers what they dream about doing as soon as it’s safe to gather again. Here’s what some of our running readers had to say. (Responses have been edited and condensed.)

If you have future running dreams you want to tell us about, please add them in the comments.

I look forward to the day where I can train for my first marathon, feel nervous five minutes before the start of the race, wonder if I should really wait in line for this toilet or if I have it in me to keep going for X miles, sprinting through the finish line despite feeling like I was so done just two miles back, living for that warm shower right after when I can feel all of my chaffed patches of skin sting, going for what surely is over 1,000 calories of fuel packed into a loaded burger paired with sweet potato fries at the local pub, and then going home and immediately falling asleep, dreaming of the next time I can

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