Forget ‘Dry January’ and Other New Year’s Resolutions

“The world is on fire,” said Asia Wong, a clinical social worker and director of counseling and health services at Loyola University in New Orleans. “Why are you trying to lose 20 pounds?”

Last year, Rebecca Fletcher, a teacher in Wirral, England, said she went the entire month of January without drinking alcohol.

After indulging in prosecco over the holidays, she decided to try to repeat that success.

Ms. Fletcher, 49, said she gave up after two weeks.

“I’m sorry, Dry January. It’s just not working out,” she said on Twitter, posting a photo of a glass of pinot grigio. “It’s not you. It’s me.”

Ms. Fletcher said her attempt at a month of sobriety was thwarted by the spike in Covid-19 cases that spurred the government to order a full lockdown and created confusion in schools, where teachers and students have been in constant limbo about when they might return to the classroom. And the political instability in the United States has not helped, she said.

“It just feels like everywhere you turn, it’s stressful,” Ms. Fletcher said. “Not to mention that of course it’s England, and it’s rained solid for three