Hospital in Honolulu suburb fills up amid COVID-19 surge

A hospital serving a Honolulu suburb on Friday has stuffed up because the neighborhood faces a surge of COVID-19 instances.

All 104 beds at The Queen’s Medical Middle – West Oahu are full, mentioned Jason Chang, the CEO of The Queen’s Well being Programs.

The Ewa Seashore hospital has despatched some sufferers to its sibling facility in downtown Honolulu. It is also requested employees from different components of the Queen’s system to return assist.

Town has arrange a triage tent exterior the hospital that has 25 cots. The hospital may additionally add beds in hallways and different makeshift areas however not all sufferers will get rooms.

Chang mentioned the hospital had 63 sufferers in its emergency division at one time, which is a disaster given the hospital solely has 24 ED beds. Twenty-six of these within the ED had been there with potential COVID-19 infections.

“Between all the traditional emergencies and the COVID instances, it’s overwhelming our system,” Chang mentioned at a information convention. “And so please, get vaccinated. That’s the very first thing we’re asking everybody to do. And the second factor is, please don’t socialize.”

Chang mentioned the ED will nonetheless deal with these complaining of chest pains

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A microscopic video exhibits the coronavirus on the rampage.

The intruder stalks its prey with stealth and precision, getting ready to puncture its quarry’s armor. As soon as inside, the aggressor forces its host to supply extra intruders, after which causes it to blow up, spewing out a mess of invaders who can proceed their rampage on a wider scale.

The drama, depicted in a microscopic video of SARS-CoV-2 infecting bat mind cells, offers a window into how the pathogen turns cells into virus-making factories earlier than inflicting the host cell to die.

The video was produced by Sophie-Marie Aicher and Delphine Planas, virologists on the Pasteur Institute in Paris who gained honorable point out in a microscopic video competitors sponsored by Nikon, the pictures firm.

Filmed over 48 hours with a picture recorded each 10 minutes, the footage exhibits the coronavirus as pink spots circulating amongst a mass of grey blobs — the bat’s mind cells. After they’re contaminated, the bat’s cells start to fuse with neighboring cells. Sooner or later, your entire mass bursts, ensuing within the demise of the cells.

Ms. Aicher, who focuses on zoonotic ailments — these that may be transmitted from animals to people — mentioned this infectious juggernaut was the identical in

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