8 Lessons About Intuitive Eating From the Eat Well Challenge

I love this tip for turning an everyday meal into a celebration. Creating a colorful and appetizing plate of food and reveling in the joy of cooking and eating are all ways to practice mindful eating. Studies suggest that the health benefits of Mediterranean-style eating, which includes an abundance of vegetables, olive oil and seafood, are likely enhanced by the tendency of people in the region to enjoy and savor their food and to turn every meal into a celebration with friends and family.

Many readers have discovered they have a habit of looking at their phones, reading, doing work or watching television while eating. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying your food while watching the Super Bowl or during family movie night, mindful eating is best achieved when your focus is on the meal.

“My biggest aha moment so far: slowing down and really being present while I eat,” shared a reader. “I put my phone or book elsewhere and just focus on the taste, smell, texture, look of my food. I enjoy the food so much more when I savor it!”

A number of

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China’s Covid-Era Controls May Outlast the Coronavirus

The police had warned Xie Yang, a human rights lawyer, not to go to Shanghai to visit the mother of a dissident. He went to the airport anyway.

His phone’s health code app — a digital pass indicating possible exposure to the coronavirus — was green, which meant he could travel. His home city, Changsha, had no Covid-19 cases, and he had not left in weeks.

Then his app turned red, flagging him as high risk. Airport security tried to put him in quarantine, but he resisted. Mr. Xie accused the authorities of meddling with his health code to bar him from traveling.

“The Chinese Communist Party has found the best model for controlling people,” he said in a telephone interview in December. This month, the police detained Mr. Xie, a government critic, accusing him of inciting subversion and provoking trouble.

The pandemic has given Xi Jinping, China’s top leader, a powerful case for deepening the Communist Party’s reach into the lives of 1.4 billion citizens, filling out his vision of the country as a model of secure order, in contrast to the “chaos of the West.” In the two years since officials isolated the city of Wuhan in the

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ThedaCare scraps lawsuit to prevent employees from leaving for Ascension

ThedaCare, which operates seven hospitals, contended in its lawsuit that seven members of its 11-member interventional radiology and cardiovascular team departing at the same time would endanger patients. The crew handles serious cases such trauma and stroke patients. Ascension rejected that argument and noted that the employees would provide the same care at a nearby hospital. Ascension also pointed out that ThedaCare declined to make the workers a counteroffer to get them to remain.

ThedaCare continues to stand by its assertions that the sole aim of the legal action was protecting patients. “We have worked diligently to ensure safe, quality, continued access to the high-level services our communities rely on in the most serious, life-threatening situations,” Andrabi said.

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Omicron drives U.S. deaths higher than in fall’s delta wave

Omicron, the highly contagious coronavirus variant sweeping across the country, is driving the daily American death toll higher than during last fall’s delta wave, with deaths likely to keep rising for days or even weeks.

The seven-day rolling average for daily new COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. has been climbing since mid-November, reaching 2,267 on Thursday and surpassing a September peak of 2,100 when delta was the dominant variant.

Now omicron is estimated to account for nearly all the virus circulating in the nation. And even though it causes less severe disease for most people, the fact that it is more transmissible means more people are falling ill and dying.

“Omicron will push us over a million deaths,” said Andrew Noymer, a public health professor at the University of California, Irvine. “That will cause a lot of soul searching. There will be a lot of discussion about what we could have done differently, how many of the deaths were preventable.”

Omicron symptoms are often milder, and some infected people show no symptoms, researchers agree. But like the flu, it can be deadly, especially for people who are older, have other health problems or who are unvaccinated.

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Socioeconomic status only modestly influences readmissions, Yale study finds

The factors often blamed for poor hospital readmission rates—socioeconomic status, access to care and insurance coverage—do not account for why readmissions are higher at some hospitals than others or why Medicare-Medicaid dual eligibles are readmitted more often, new research shows.

Yale University researchers led a team that compared readmissions among patients diagnosed with three major acute conditions who covered by both Medicare and Medicaid to those with Medicare alone for an article published in JAMA Health Forum on Friday.

The findings offer a rebuttal to a common explanation of why some hospitals have more readmissions: that facilities treating a disproportionate share of patients with low incomes, poor health and other negative circumstances are at a disadvantage relative to their peers.

“Inequities in hospital readmission rates for dual-eligible patients are not the primary result of differences measurable across communities, highlighting that hospitals may have a distinct role in advancing equity for socioeconomically disadvantaged patients,” the authors wrote.

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Researchers from Yale, Mathematica Policy Research, Boston-based Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Vertex Pharmaceuticals and George Washington University first looked at the differences in readmissions between the dual-eligible population and those covered only by

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Two powerful drugs now adding to US overdose crisis

Emerging reports show that two little-known drugs are making lethal new contributions to America’s drug overdose crisis.

Para-fluorofentanyl and metonitazene are being seen more often by medical examiners looking into overdose deaths, according to a government report published Thursday. They often are taken with — or mixed with — illicit fentanyl, the drug mainly responsible for the more than 100,000 U.S. overdose deaths in the last year.

Increasingly, one or the other of the two drugs is the sole reason for some overdose deaths, said Dr. Darinka Mileusnic-Polchan, one of the report authors.

Often injected or snorted, they are more powerful than fentanyl, she said.

“These (victims) just crumple and collapse. Frequently they don’t even inject the full syringe” before overdosing, said Mileusnic-Polchan, who leads the medical examiner’s office in Knoxville, Tennessee.

The overdose-reversing drug naloxone can still work, but more of it may be needed than when other drugs are involved, she said.

The report, published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for U.S. medical and public health professionals, is one of the first of its kind to raise alarms about the drugs. It was written by officials from the Drug Enforcement Administration; a toxicology lab at

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Kids Health and Well-Being

Making sure your children eat properly, get enough rest and ensure they have enough energy to learn and play can be challenging at the best of times but it is important to ensure your kids health and wellbeing is the best it can be to cope with today’s busy lifestyles. It is quite challenging to focus on every aspect of your child’s health and well being on a daily basis.

There are some great ways to influence your child’s health and well being however.

It is a great idea to offer your children lots of different choices when it comes to food. Let them try all different types of fruit and vegetables, whole grains and other foods even if they don’t eat one thing completely, let them have a little try of everything to tantalise their tastebuds and experiment with taste.

Create lots of opportunities on a daily basis to be active outside and stay away from the TV and Computer as much as possible. kampanye di media sosial Limit the television and computer activities to just a small time set aside in the afternoon and encourage outdoor adventures. This is good for mum and dad too!

Encourage a good

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For an Antidote to Diet Culture, Try These 6 Podcasts

Starter episode: “The Body Mass Index”

As the title suggests, this show aims to counteract many of the harsh, self-critical messages that people absorb about their bodies. Rebecca Scritchfield is a registered dietitian nutritionist who has centered her counseling practice around rejecting body shame and traditional diet goals. She brings that same gentle, humane approach to her monthly podcast, which is explicitly billed as a show about health, not weight loss. Scritchfield’s advice is deceptively simple: She encourages people to stop seeing food through the lens of reward vs. punishment, and to instead try eating intuitively. With a back catalog five years deep, there’s an episode dedicated to just about any topic you could want, including the fat acceptance movement, diabetes and the ways chronic dieting can affect mental health.

Starter episode: “Bernie and Rebecca Discuss Emotional Eating”

One of the best ways to combat toxic diet culture is to reconnect with your love for food itself — the flavors, the texture, the process of cooking. The cookbook author Julia Turshen (her latest is “Simply Julia”) is here to help with this comforting interview show. Guests have included writers, chefs and celebrities like Antoni Porowski from “Queer Eye.” “Keep Calm

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Governor to sign fast-tracked $225M for Pennsylvania healthcare workers

Two months after the omicron variant of the coronavirus slammed hospitals with unvaccinated patients, Pennsylvania’s Legislature unanimously sent fast-tracked legislation to Gov. Tom Wolf on Wednesday to help keep burned-out healthcare workers on board during a staffing crisis.

The bill authorized $225 million, mostly for hospitals to give workers retention and recruitment payments.

Of that, about $36 million will go to facilities that provide inpatient behavioral health services.

Another $15 million will go to an oversubscribed program promising nurses up to $7,500 in student loan-debt relief, although officials acknowledged that the extra money still will not satisfy all of the more than 8,000 applications it has received.

The money is from federal pandemic relief signed by President Joe Biden last March.

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The 14-day moving average of hospitalizations of COVID-19 patients hit an all-time high of above 7,000 in recent days. The surge in unvaccinated patients came during what the CEO of the Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania called “the most severe health care staffing shortage in recent memory.”

Neither lawmakers or Wolf administration officials could estimate how many healthcare workers will be eligible for an increase in pay. They said they

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