Elementary Education Schools – Degree Possibilities

Elementary education is a time of accelerated learning for children. The ability to teach them in every elementary subject is important to their futures and their ability to succeed. Students that want to work with grade school children can learn about different degree possibilities from accredited elementary education schools.

Elementary education degree programs prepare students to work with children from kindergarten to eighth grade. Students have a couple of different paths they can take when deciding on a degree. To teach all course subjects’ students can earn a degree in elementary education with a concentration in kindergarten through third grade. To teach a particular subject like math or English students need to choose a concentration in that area for all grades included in elementary education. Once this is decided on students can begin schooling. To become a teacher students have to complete a bachelor’s degree or higher. Entering an associate’s degree is possible to become a tutor or a teacher’s assistant.

Colleges that offer degree programs at the bachelor’s level are dedicated to providing students with the most up-to-date information on every subject.
Universitas Swasta di Bandung Teachers who take the route of learning how to teach in all subjects

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Some U.S. governors defend their mask policy changes to ‘get back to normal.’

The governors of Maryland and New Jersey defended their moves to ease Covid restrictions, saying on Sunday that falling coronavirus cases in their states justified a change even as new cases and deaths still remain fairly high in some regions of the United States.

“As best we can tell right now this thing is going from pandemic to endemic, and we feel it is the responsible step to take” to allow local school districts and municipalities to make their own decisions, Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” He is one of several Democratic governors who announced plans to lift statewide mask mandates last week, whether they applied to schools or in general, as the United States begins to emerge from the Omicron surge.

His optimistic tone echoed that of Gov. Larry Hogan, Maryland’s Republican governor, who has called on his state’s Board of Education to lift its school mask mandate. Mr. Hogan removed Maryland’s state masking requirement last May, but the schools are governed independently. “I think it’s safe enough for our kids to just try to get back to normal,” Mr. Hogan said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

The move by several

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Marie-Claire Chevalier, Catalyst for French Abortion Law, Dies at 66

“I say it, gentlemen: I am a lawyer who broke the law,” she declared in court. She received a disciplinary summons but maintained in subsequent appearances that she had done the right thing, asserting, “Sometimes it is necessary to break the law to move forward and bring about a change in society.”

Ms. Chevalier was acquitted because she was considered to have suffered from “moral, social and family constraints that she could not resist,” the website of France’s justice ministry said.

When the verdict was rendered, she was fined 500 francs and released, while activists chanted her name in the streets. Four others, including her mother, had been charged as accomplices and were absolved.

The case, with its young protagonist and its high-profile lawyer, became a cause célèbre and a catalyst in the feminist campaign to overturn the law. Among those who joined was Simone Veil, the French health minister and a survivor of Auschwitz, who endured an avalanche of personal attacks but kept pushing for change. And on Jan. 17, 1975, France enacted the Veil Law, decriminalizing abortion.

This was two years after the U.S. Supreme Court had legalized abortion in the United States in Roe v. Wade. As

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Why Liberal Suburbs Face a New Round of School Mask Battles

David Fleishman, the superintendent of schools in Newton, Mass., an affluent Boston suburb, said he recently received a message from a parent who pushed for ending mask mandates in classrooms.

But first, he said, the individual felt the need to assure him, “I am not a Trump supporter.”

While Newton, like much of Massachusetts, is mostly liberal and Democratic, Mr. Fleishman said that when it comes to masks, “there’s this tension.”

The battle over mask mandates may be moving to liberal-leaning communities that had been largely in agreement on the need for masking — and bound by statewide mask requirements.

Now that Massachusetts will lift its school mask mandate on Feb. 28, joining other liberal states like New Jersey and Connecticut, it will be up to individual school districts like Newton, and nearby Boston, to decide whether and how quickly they want to rescind their own mask rules.

But a well-organized chorus of public health and child development experts, alongside parent activists, say that masking can hurt children academically and socially, and are calling for the return to a semblance of normalcy.

Newton and Boston, with downtowns about 10 miles apart, give an idea of how two politically liberal and

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Lawmakers Press Amazon on Sales of Chemical Used in Suicides

The United States is among many countries that allow the chemical compound to be sold as a food preservative, and the federal Food and Drug Administration regulates its use for that purpose.

There is no systematic tracking of suicides involving the compound, but The Times identified dozens of people who had used it since 2018 in the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Canada and Australia. More than 300 members of the suicide website had announced intentions to use the compound to kill themselves.

A study of 47 cases of poisoning by the preservative reported to the National Poison Data System over a five-year period found that suicide attempts with it had been increasing since 2017. A 2020 article in The Journal of Emergency Medicine warned that because the compound “is readily accessible through online vendors, and is being circulated through various suicide forums,” emergency rooms might see more patients who have used it.

Dr. Kyle Pires, a resident emergency room physician at Yale University Hospital who treated a 28-year-old woman who had bought the compound on Amazon, wrote in the journal Clinical Toxicology about her death and the recent rise in suicides by this method. The article, published last

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Body Odor May Smell Worse to You Than Your Ancient Ancestors

When you take a whiff of something, odor molecules sail inside your nose where they bind to proteins — called olfactory receptors — on cells that line your nasal cavity. These receptors trigger signals that your brain interprets as one or many smells.

A team of scientists has identified the olfactory receptors for two common odor molecules: a musk found in soaps and perfumes and a compound prominent in smelly underarm sweat. The research team also discovered that more recent evolutionary changes to these olfactory receptors alter people’s sensitivities to those odors. The work was published in PLoS Genetics on Thursday.

Olfactory receptors can be traced back hundreds of millions of years and are believed to be present in all vertebrates. Humans have around 800 olfactory receptor genes, but only about half of them are functional, meaning they’ll be translated into proteins that hang out in the nose and detect odor molecules. But within a functional gene, minor variations can cause changes in its corresponding receptor protein, and those changes can massively affect how an odor is perceived.

“There’s a molecule called androstenone,” said Joel Mainland, a neuroscientist at Monell Chemical Senses Center and an author of the new study.

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What’s the Best Nondairy Milk Alternative?

“Soy and nut milk have healthier fat profiles than cow’s milk,” Dr. Walter Willett, a professor of epidemiology and nutrition at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, said. Coconut milk, like cow’s milk, is high in saturated fat, which raises cholesterol levels. Soy milk and the various nut milks without added sugar — such as almond, walnut, peanut, cashew, hazelnut or macadamia nut milk — as well as hemp and flax milks are higher in heart-healthy unsaturated fats, and also tend to have fewer calories than cow’s milk. Oat milk, without added sugar, is high in fiber, and calories are comparable to cow’s milk.

Soy milk is one of the only nondairy alternatives that matches cow’s milk’s eight grams of protein per cup. But protein deficiency is not a concern in the United States, Dr. Willett said, especially for adults. If, however, you are looking to get a significant amount of protein from milk, check the labels on different products, as amounts vary widely among the alternatives to cow’s milk.

Both Ms. Romano and Dr. Willett also suggest checking labels to look for alternatives that are fortified with calcium and vitamin D, which may help with bone health.

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8 Lessons About Intuitive Eating From the Eat Well Challenge

I love this tip for turning an everyday meal into a celebration. Creating a colorful and appetizing plate of food and reveling in the joy of cooking and eating are all ways to practice mindful eating. Studies suggest that the health benefits of Mediterranean-style eating, which includes an abundance of vegetables, olive oil and seafood, are likely enhanced by the tendency of people in the region to enjoy and savor their food and to turn every meal into a celebration with friends and family.

Many readers have discovered they have a habit of looking at their phones, reading, doing work or watching television while eating. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying your food while watching the Super Bowl or during family movie night, mindful eating is best achieved when your focus is on the meal.

“My biggest aha moment so far: slowing down and really being present while I eat,” shared a reader. “I put my phone or book elsewhere and just focus on the taste, smell, texture, look of my food. I enjoy the food so much more when I savor it!”

A number of

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