Intelligence Overview Yields No Agency Conclusion on Origins of Virus

WASHINGTON — American intelligence businesses haven’t been capable of decide if the coronavirus pandemic was the results of an unintentional leak from a lab or if it emerged extra naturally, in accordance with declassified parts of a report back to the White Home launched on Friday.

The nation’s spy businesses, the Workplace of the Director of Nationwide Intelligence mentioned, are unlikely to achieve a conclusion with out extra cooperation from China or new supply of knowledge.

In an announcement, President Biden mentioned the US would proceed working to know the origins of the virus and he referred to as on China to be extra clear about what led to the virus rising there in late 2019 earlier than spreading quickly throughout the globe.

“We are going to do every thing we will to hint the roots of this outbreak that has precipitated a lot ache and loss of life around the globe, in order that we will take each vital precaution to forestall it from taking place once more,” Mr. Biden mentioned. “Vital details about the origins of this pandemic exists within the Individuals’s Republic of China, but from the start, authorities officers in China have labored to forestall worldwide investigators and members of the worldwide public well being neighborhood from accessing it.”

The announcement from the director of national intelligence did not identify the agency that favored the laboratory-leak theory. But current and former officials said the F.B.I. believed that the virus was created within the lab. One former official said the bureau believed the virus likely escaped into the public from lab technicians.

The intelligence agencies all agree that the virus was unlikely to be created as any kind of biological weapon, the same stance the U.S. government has maintained for more than a year. The agencies also agree that the initial exposures that caused the outbreak occurred “no later than November 2019,” according to the declassified conclusions.

Critical to the debate over the virus origins, American intelligence officials do not believe the Chinese officials knew about it at the time of the outbreak, the report said.

“The IC assesses China’s officials did not have foreknowledge of the virus before the initial outbreak of Covid-19 emerged,” the declassified report said, using the initials for the intelligence community.

The three-month review ordered by Mr. Biden was done to bring more scientific expertise into the examination of the origins of the pandemic. Intelligence agencies used the three months to examine a trove of data that had not been fully combed through.

That data, taken from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, did not provide any additional information that persuaded any additional agencies that a lab leak was possible.

Mr. Biden said the United States would keep working with other nations and the World Health Organization to get access to more information from China.

“We must have a full and transparent accounting of this global tragedy,” he said. “Nothing less is acceptable.”

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